Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Captivating Canterbury, 2013

As well as neglecting sewing, I've neglected photography. Frankly, the only un-neglected things are my job, my Chris, and my Nugget.

Definitely not neglected.
I promised last year that I'd eventually share the photos I took in and around Christchurch. Chris took me there for the first time last September. It is a stunning area, which suffered great devastation in February 2011 due to a a strong, shallow earthquake.

So here are a selection of photos. In the 9 months since I visited, there have been more exciting developments in the city (more restaurants, bars, shops... people are returning!). Christchurch will once again rise - and one great way to assist that is by visiting and spending money in the region. These photos are nothing more than my personal collection of memories and interesting bits. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Beautiful Akaroa sunset

Some of the oldest surviving buildings in New Zealand remain in Akaroa

Old cemeteries tell us so much about history. This one also, sadly, tells us that headstones which had been upright for 100 years were no match for the earthquake.

This one was just for my dad. He freakin' loves lighthouses.

Lake Forsyth - the reason for our trip. Model aeroplane convention, natch.

Lyttleton Harbour. I have a huge print of this on my wall at home, and it makes me so happy.

Innovative use of shipping containers as a massive retaining wall at Sumner. Note the remnants of houses on the clifftop, and the less-than-smooth road.

Yet more shipping containers. This represents the enormous amount of effort, energy and engineering that goes into retaining fa├žades of earthquake-damaged masonry buildings.

Eerie to see where this building's neighbour used to be.

I love the colour, the reuse of church bells, and the positivity this shows! This was near the shipping container mall (seriously, Christchurch has found a million awesome ways to use those big steel boxes).

Art is used to inspire, entertain, and remember what was.

It disturbed me that parts of the CBD were as yet untouched since the days following the big quake. Years later, and there is still so much to do.


  1. Beautiful photos ~ you def's have a creative talent in this area as well! Fingers crossed one day soon Christchurch will be back up and running in full life, though they will never forget ... J

    1. Thanks Judith! I'm really proud of some of these photos.

      Christchurch will definitely return to a more modern version of its former glory.

  2. Some lovely pics there Kat.

    1. Thank you :-) I wanted to show that it's still a beautiful area.

  3. Mostly stopping by to say YAY YOU'RE BLOGGING AGAIN!!! Also, you know, great photos and stuff... ;)

  4. That lighthouse is just beside the road and I don't care why because it's just that awesome.

    1. It's not the original location of the lighthouse (I don't think it is functional any more). They moved it in walking distance of the town so that tourists like me would have a better opportunity to see it!

  5. Truly beautiful shots, Kat. I especially like the lighthouse one - I share that affection with your father it would seem! I visit them whereever we go and there is one :) Fabulous use of shipping containers, I do believe.


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