Thursday, 7 November 2013

Creative pursuits?

I'm still alive. Hooray!

Sooo, here's why I've been quite absent. Currently I'm the Quality Manager for a $130m construction project. As of last week, I'm also the Quality Manager on a separate $50m job. And my work life was relatively busy before. Sigh. I will still post here when I find inspiration (this is even more of a problem than finding energy). I'm always available on Twitter for a chat, too.

I have done very few creative activities in recent months. A tiny bit of crochet. A wee spot of sewing. And a monstrous amount of house-fixing and family-visiting. Shout out to Deirdre and Kirsti, for the fun Dessert Day when I was in Melbourne though!

One creative thing I've done lately is create a calendar for 2014. The link is at the top right of the blog. A few years back, I made a similar one for a few family members and it was wildly popular. If you love pictures of New Zealand, this is the calendar for you! It makes a BRILLIANT Christmas gift too, especially for extended family members or if it needs to be posted.

Here's a little preview for you! (no watermarks on the printed calendar, of course):

Order early to get one in time for Christmas!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's so gratifying to see my favourites in print :-)

  2. Yay to still being alive! Boo to double workloads. Your photos, as always, are fabulous.

    1. And yay that you are coming to visit soon! We can do photo walks! (PS, thank you)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I actually love calendars because it's a way to have a little, changeable, piece of wall art :-)


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