Sunday, 12 May 2013

A break from the mundane - rally driving!

Last September, I bought Chris a voucher for a rally drive experience for his 30th birthday. It was great to finally use the voucher, to get away from the mundane for a few hours. By an amazing stroke of luck, today was beautifully sunny and warm. Driving in the wet may have been a bit too intense for a novice!

Hey look, there's me in the reflection

Rally Drive NZ were well-organised, and safety was clearly a key priority. That said, there weren't any unnecessarily stifling restrictions on spectators or photography, so I joined the cheerful crowd at the start/finish line.

First up was Raewyn with some hot laps. She's a 73 year old self-described petrolhead, and I think she had a great time. Apparently on a V8 experience she told the driver off for going too slow, but that wasn't a problem today!

Nice shower cap, eh?

Chris got to drive three laps of the circuit himself, and then went for a hot lap with a professional driver.

The track is through a forestry area, and apparently is very exhilarating. I couldn't see much of it from where I was.

Judging by the look on Chris's face, it must have been pretty good...

Have you done anything extraordinary this weekend?


  1. Replies
    1. *Nearly* awesome enough for me to request the same for my own 30th birthday ;-)

  2. And all beautifully captured through your lens!

    Alas, the most exciting thing I did this weekend was cut some card to fit an A2 frame so I could finally hang a poster I made last year. Oh, and we consumed some amazing fish and chips.

    1. I love an interesting photo opportunity, what can I say ;-)

      It doesn't have to be a wild weekend to be a good one! Amazing fish and chips would make me pretty happy...


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