Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kumeu Show 2013 - the indoor exhibits!

There is really something for everyone at the indoor exhibition. Contests for the preschoolers, through to categories for the 70+ age group. Floral arrangements, cakes, photography, various arts and crafts, produce contests... the list goes on.

Oh, and the prizes are... perhaps not what you expect. Most contests cost $2.50 to enter, and most first prizes are $10. So you definitely wouldn't do it for the money! It's great to enter though, because you are contributing to people's enjoyment by providing a varied exhibition.

Some are spectacular, and some are spectacularly funny! You judge which are which.

I've never thought much about dahlias before, but these are gorgeous:

A "novelty container", with a collection of marigolds.

I have no idea how you judge which eggs are the best, but I loved the way they displayed them!

A collection of weird and wonderful vegetables...

Then there were some crazy fruit and vegetable sculptures!

Imagine how difficult it is to create miniature decorated cakes!

The full sized cakes were heartbreakingly beautiful.

Last but not least, my colleague's nearly-2-year-old won first prize for her gorgeous glitter sheep!


  1. I love dahlias - although I thought those ones were fake when I first glanced at them - so perfectly formed!

    1. They really have an amazing symmetry. I have never thought much about them before, but now I'm in love!

  2. Great pics! I love the Oscar the Grouch cake!

    1. I know - he's adorably grumpy, and all the little accessories make me smile.


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