Sunday, 10 March 2013

Kumeu Show 2013 - the entertainment!

I'm going to split this over a few posts - so many pretty photos, and hopefully a little insight to life in rural New Zealand. Seeing as Auckland isn't likely to become Melbourne any time soon, I'm learning to love this semi-rural city.

I've been looking forward to the Kumeu Show for a few weeks. My workmate C's dad is on the committee, and I discovered there was a section where I could enter my photographs into a competition. C's little girl made some arts and crafts (she's nearly 2).

In Australia and New Zealand, many rural towns with more than a couple of thousand people have some sort of agricultural show. They are usually annual, and during either autumn or spring for the best weather. They vary in scale - most rural ones go for a day or a weekend. The Royal Melbourne Show goes for a few weeks and used to have its own public holiday.

They were originally for farmers to "show" their produce and animals. There would be trade stalls (the latest in farming equipment, etc.), and competitions for the best baking, flower arranging, and other crafts. Children would be entertained by Young Farmers competitions, carnival games, and rides. In Australia, there's the added bonus of 'show bags' - varying from $2-$30 on average - containing comic books, sweets, merchandise... anything you can imagine will be in a show bag!

So what entertainment was there today?

Timber sports!

Old farm machinery

Rescue helicopter

There was a HUGE market at the Kumeu Show, as well. Absolutely everything was there - the usual stalls selling mass-produced junk and second-hand bits and bobs... gourmet food... political parties... handmade gifts... timber furniture... and most importantly, possum traps and wheelie bin covers!


  1. Oh my God, can you imagine how bad it would smell when you unzipped that wheelie bin cover?? I'm gagging at the very thought of it! O.o

    Looks like fun though - I think the last time I went to a show was 1999. I wore a silk blouse, fake pearls, jungle camouflage fatigues and hiking boots. And no, I don't know why my outfit had multiple personality disorder.

    I probably should have gone to the Canberra Show, because apparently they have piglets that have been trained to jump off diving boards as part of the entertainment, but it always fell on the hottest weekend of the year... *sigh*

    1. I just do not know who invented the wheelie bin cover, or WHY. I agree, it would be a stench-incubator.

      It really was great fun!! You're in for a week of Kumeu Show round-ups, because I got so many entertaining photos. Plus, I figure it's a public service - not everyone has the pleasure of attending such events :-D

  2. Some great pics - thanks for showing them.

    1. No worries at all. I like sharing the photos, and I like seeing what other people get up to on the weekends as well :-)


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