Monday, 22 October 2012

Not as planned

This long weekend did not go as (loosely) planned.

I wanted to sew.
I wanted to clean.
I wanted to chill out.
I wanted to make pumpkin pie.

I really only achieved the last one!

Saturday was spent resting, with indifferent weather not inspiring me to get out of bed. I'm exhausted - I assume because my thyroid has been nuked and I'm probably hypothyroid.

Sunday was going to be a day of chilling out and sewing, but my cousins wanted me to come and visit and I couldn't say no!

And today I spent the day doing washing. Followed by catching up with Chris's dad for a coffee (this does not come under the heading of 'chilling out').

At least I got back into the swing of photography by pottering about in the front yard... you all might be pleased to know that I shoot manual 100% of the time now. Well, I'm pleased about it, anyway.

My first proper paying gig is coming up soon, too!

This is pretty much my whole yard, minus about 10m² to the left
Did your weekend go as planned?


  1. I'm very jealous that you're shooting full manual now!! That said, I could probably learn easily enough if I devoted the time to it. And yet......

    At least you got a pie made to make up for the weekend not going as planned?

    1. Yes! Time is all you need :-)

      And yes! Pie!

  2. An achievement of pumpkin pie is a rather splendid one, in my book. Plus, you seem to have done quite a lot, even if they weren't things that were on your list.

    My weekend probably went fifty percent to plan when it came to ticking things off lists. On enjoyment levels, however, it achieved a one hundred percent success rate.

    1. Pumpkin pie *is* splendid!

      I'm glad you had 100% enjoyment.

  3. My weekend kind of went as planned, but I had imagined it without the nap - the nap just made me grouchy.

    1. Oh dear. Naps do that sometimes. I wouldn't say no to a regular siesta at work though ;-)

  4. My weekend "was". That's all that can be said about it. Your pics of the flowers are just beautiful. And pumpkin pie is always a win-win. :)

    1. I have weekends like that too. Pumpkin pie fixes most things, though!


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