Friday, 21 September 2012

The Secret Garden

We are the kind of people who like to understand a little about our surroundings, not just BE there. As such, we sought out museum-y things. The proper museum in Port Vila is expensive (about 1500vt each), and doesn't seem to have been updated since 1980.

The Secret Garden in Mele, however, holds an awesome Melanesian feast during the week - and by day, is chock-full of historical information. If you go there for dinner (3500vt, plus really cheap beer) you can come back the next day for free!

Traditional Ni-Vanuatu way of lighting fire. And muscular man.
Traditional dancing. With beer, and a band playing Elvis songs!
We had a great time at the feast, and came back for the cultural experience. This place had loads of information. Traditional stories, island customs, WWII, the French and British rule - a little of everything.

Also, wildlife. Chris ate a fruit bat for lunch one day, but not this particular one.
I called him Jub-Jub.

Trust me, you don't need to read the rest of this traditional parable.
Not sure if this is true or not, but it is symbolic of being ruled by two opposing nations.
Absolutely fascinating place - if you only had time to visit one attraction on Efate, this should be it.


  1. OMG. That fable definitely goes on the list of "text I'm glad I didn't have to write". Wowsers...... And what the heck does fruit bat taste like?!

    Also? I would totally call the lizard Jub Jub too.

    1. Fruit bat tasted like nothing he could liken it to. And I couldn't bear to taste any. It was served whole, so it was kind of staring up from the plate, surrounded by fries.

      Yes, it wasn't quite a Smithsonian. No less interesting for it, though!

    2. ... was it still hairy?

    3. That is...disgusting. Almost as bad as the guinea pig at the posh restaurant in Cusco that was wearing a crown made of capsicum!!

    4. @Meegs - no, but it did still have a face and little claw hands :-/

      @Kirsti - if it had a capsicum crown, that at least would have made it more cheerful!

  2. This definitely inspires me to look at some different options for shore tours on my cruise. Last time, we opted for either quality beach time plus one tour of a resort island. This time, it might be nice to try something different.

    Your photos are gorgeous, as always.

    1. Thanks Katie - as you (I'm sure) know, it's hard taking photos at night! I love Jub-Jub though.

      I think you definitely should research some shore tours - the beaches around Port Vila aren't very good anyway, and you never know what you might see!


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