Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Wairarapa weekend

Last Saturday was my Grandad Pat's memorial service. It was lovely to catch up with family, but of course a sad occasion. It's amazing what you learn from eulogies though - Grandad was an accomplished piano-accordion player!

After a few days of family fun, my sister and I managed to borrow a car and head out of town. But where to go?

Everyone else was heading to Castlepoint. However, we wanted to go somewhere new (to us). I ran into one of my corporate bosses at Wellington Airport, and he suggested going to a Martinborough winery. Great idea, but it was only 10am.

The regional guidebook suggested Stonehenge Aotearoa. We thought it might be cheesy, but had no better ideas!

Frankly, it was awesome. We paid $10 each for a personal tour (with a wizard elder, no less). It was SO WORTH IT. We learned about how the stones were arranged to follow the phases of the moon, frame various constellations, and other astronomical facts. Our guide John also told us about the various mythologies about the night sky - fascinating.

I can't wait to come back during one of their special events: solstice, equinox, Matariki... and check out the abandoned house on the hilltop behind!

It actually was a good weekend, despite the sad event. We stayed at BK's Chardonnay Motor Lodge in Masterton - it was quite new, and very nice. Quiet, clean, warm, and well priced.

At the boss's suggestion, we did indeed make a winery trip. Peppers Martinborough do a spectacular lunch for a reasonable price - the two of us had a starter, wine, and very satisfying mains for under $85.

Have you got a favourite surprise tourist attraction? Have you visited the Wairarapa?


  1. Replies
    1. I thought of you when I was taking the photo :-)

    2. I thought of Katie the second I saw that photo! Great minds and all that...


    1. Watch this space... (they'll be up on Friday)

  3. That is so much more impressive than the Stonehenge that the archaeology lecturers built out of bread for our graduation party... ;)


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