Monday, 4 June 2012

A tale of two t-shirts, part 2: Jalie 2921

This top is definitely more wearable than Part 1. However, it's not perfect.

I made a 3" FBA on this one before I even began. Based on Jalie 2005, this was a fair guess. I cut out the same size, otherwise.

Something seems to have happened between issuing Jalie 2005 and Jalie 2921. Namely, the sizes are wildly different. This one is HUGE, by comparison.

I feel like the neckline is too low for work, though the photos don't bear this out. From *my* angle, it's too low. And given that most of my colleagues are taller than me, I think I better raise the V neck on the next one. By about an inch, I think. It might also be that it's just gaping due to the size issue.

The sleeves feel too loose, and are definitely a weird length. Too long for 3/4, and not long enough for full length. At least the length can be easily fixed.

And after the FBA, it fits perfectly across the bust. However, the back feels extremely... breezy. The hips are fine (as is the length), but there is too much fabric across the stomach - which is never usually a problem for me!

So, how to fix this? I think next time I will:

  • retrace one size smaller. This should improve the fit of the back and sleeves, and possibly the neckline;
  • try to take out some fabric from the centre back, without losing width at the hips;
  • raise the neckline a little anyway. Better to be too conservative, for work;
  • do a slightly larger FBA to account for tracing a smaller size.
I'm a little disappointed by the sizing inconsistency, and this feels like a lot of work. But I really like the pattern, and it is actually very nicely designed. I'm just a wonky size!

Any other ideas for fixing this?


  1. I love the bow detail on this one - very nice!

    1. That's what I liked about it too :-)

      This fabric is a bit floppy for the bow to work properly, so next time I'll have to keep that in mind.

  2. Very cool. Even being fairly flat-chested, I often have the same problem where from my aerial view of my v-necks, I feel like they are inappropriate for work. I try to go by what I see in a mirror rather than from looking down. Even with co-workers taller than you, unless they are looking over your shoulder, I wouldn't worry about it w/ this shirt.

    1. Thanks for the reassurance that I haven't flashed anyone! That does make me feel better. I might even wear it again tomorrow :-)

  3. Love the print on this one! The fit is not bad. I think you are on the right track with trying one size smaller for the next one. I like this pattern. I've only made one, but you remind me I should pull it out and make another.

    1. Thanks for the advice - greatly appreciated :-)


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