Saturday, 2 June 2012

A tale of two t-shirts, part 1: Jalie 2005

I promised this review, and here it is. As discussed, this top fits so badly that I make myself giggle!

But first, some ground rules:

  • I will not apologise for my messy hair or lack of makeup. It's the weekend and I don't want to!
  • I also won't be apologising for my big butt in the photos. I require it to sit on, and it helps to attach my legs to my torso. If the size or shape offends you, then find a way to spend your time that *doesn't* involve staring at my butt.
  • While I'm not okay with body critiques, I'm fine with pattern critiques. As you will soon see, this pattern has some issues for me!
Okay. Jalie 2005 is out of print, but you can buy it as a printable download. Be prepared to spend an evening sticky-taping 72 A4 pages together. On the plus side, no tracing. Plus you can print it in a different size later if you need to!

I've been looking for a basic t-shirt pattern for ages. Most of the standard patterns are designed with way too much ease for my liking - old lady t-shirts, if you will. This one was more like ready-to-wear.

I will admit to using the worst fabric ever on this construction. It was so thin, and does nothing but roll up at the edges. So I'm okay with this top being for pyjamas only.

In terms of sewing, this pattern was a breeze. I've always set-in sleeves previously, and this was a first for me (sewing the side seams with the sleeve seam). The sleeves were perfect, and I think I even did a decent job of matching the stripes!

Okay, I think you can already see the biggest problem. Bear in mind that my torso is fairly short. And that these pants are about an inch higher than most of my jeans. I'm trying to hold the fabric down at the sides, because it is curling up. Oh, and also? I didn't even hem this because it was so short.

On the positive side? The sleeves, shoulders and neckline are a perfect fit. So I tend to believe that I did choose the right size, at least.

I didn't pull the back down properly. It's actually not that bad. There is some extra fabric in the small of my back, but that can be improved on the next try. The length at the back is only just okay. Again, it's not hemmed. And I prefer not to show skin when I bend down, so I'd lengthen this anyway.

Despite my super-amazing stripe matching at the side seams, you can probably still see the line of the seam. It looks to me as though I need at least 2" of extra boob space. On each side. There is enough space around my guts though, which is reassuring.

If I do an FBA like this one, I should be able to make it work. This will also allow me to add length at the front without adjusting the back. Then when I've done that, I'll lengthen the pattern overall so that I'm happy with the back length too.

Sigh. I thought this would be an easy pattern. Don't get me wrong, it only took about 90 minutes to make. But I probably need to spend as long again adjusting the pattern.

On the other hand, it will be great to have a basic pattern that fits exactly as I want it!

Hope you all giggled at the crop top! I was fine with them in the mid-90s, but not so much now...


  1. Okay, that's nowhere NEAR as bad as I was imagining!! I think I was picturing something more cheerleader length for some reason... Whereas that's more Joey Potter's ill-advised midriff length t-shirts in Dawson's Creek length. Wow. That was a really awkwardly worded sentence....

    ANYWAY. Besides the length, it looks really good!! Very impressed you were able to match up the stripes. Mine would be a total trainwreck ;)

    1. Hahaha it probably feels/looks worse to me because I would be so HIGHLY uncomfortable wearing this in public. I agree, it doesn't actually have that 'crop top' feel.

      Matching the stripes was easier than I thought. Though I don't think that I should wear horizontal stripes, generally! Makes me look like a cartoon prisoner.

    2. Oh, I totally get it - I would never in a million years wear anything shorter than hip length in public! Imagine how bad it would be on someone LONG WAISTED O.o

  2. It was a tiny bit of a flashback to the nineties, but not as bad as all that. It would drive me crazy, though - I hate it when tops ride up like that! I guess we have boobs to blame for some of this...

    1. Indeed. Kudos to those who can buy/make clothes without needing adjustment.

      I've consigned myself to a lifetime of needing to tweak clothing, but at least it will eventually fit right!

  3. I agree. I would not wear a top that short in public, but it is completely wearable as pajamas. And I think you are well on your way to a great standard t-shirt pattern!

    And ditto to the no makeup/easy look on weekends. :)

    1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only woman who dresses down on the weekend!

      I'm looking forward to 'fixing' this pattern. Currently, I think the t-shirt would only work if I combined it with pants up to my armpits. Which would look silly in a whole new way :-D

  4. Not nearly as bad as I had imagined. You know, I think clothes aren't really made to fit anyone properly. Now that I have no boobs, I wear a really tiny size on top, but for some reason that also has to mean that I'm supposed to be uber-short and like to have my belly hanging out (if it's a top - my butt hangs out if it's a dress... much worse!)

    I quite like the stripes - and even better with the awesome matching up at the seams.

    1. Hehehe I wonder what you imagined!

      No, clothes are meant to fit an 'average' shape. Which means they averaged *everyone* out, and nobody wins. My back/ribs are about a size 10, my boobs are about a size 18, and my waist is a 12-14. Somehow my tops always end up too short as well, but I've never had a dress with my butt hanging out!!

      Well, I'm glad you like the stripes. Still not sure they are flattering, but they are a pretty colour (that I might seek out again).

  5. When you get the fit issues worked out on the hemline this will indeed be a great tnt t-shirt pattern. I agree that the sleeves/neckline look like a great fit. Hopefully you won't have too much trouble altering the pattern.

    1. Lengthening shouldn't be too hard, so I look forward to more of these t-shirts!


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