Friday, 15 June 2012

Sad face bad day

My car got broken into. AGAIN. Think someone hates me. They stole my hi vis and a pair of old runners.

Also, our phone line is broken. So I'm writing this on my cell phone with mega expensive pre-paid data.

The PS3 works intermittently, the microwave turns itself on sometimes.


So tonight I think I'll curl up on the couch with a Stephen King novel.

So long as the lightglobe doesn't blow!


  1. Stupid electronics. It must have been so much easier when the only options were horse and cart and candles!!

  2. Jeez, you really DID have a crappy day!! And the microwave turning itself on thing is kind of terrifying... If the lights went out too, I'd be seriously considering the possibility that your house is haunted! ;)

  3. What a bummer of a day! It's so unsettling when someone breaks into your car. Hope to tomorrow is much much better!

  4. Oh man, that just sucks. My apartment was broken into in college, and I had a cell phone stolen and many, many charges were billed to me before I figured out what had happened. Both made me question the goodness of society for a good long while. Such a bad feeling.

    I hope things are starting to look up and you have a good weekend despite the crappy start.

  5. Oh wow! This is a BAD day. I'm so sorry. I hope you have a fantastic weekend which is relaxing and your microwave behaves itself.

  6. Oh bugger bugger bugger. And why did they take your old trainers too? I hope that now, a couple of days later, the gremlins have have left the building and theings are looking up. Other than the weather. That's still crap, but hey what can you expect with winter. Eh?

    BTW I like the Jalie versions. I have been wanting their patterns for an age but not yet got around to adding them to my stash. Need to get several to make it worth while shipping them down here.

  7. You can probably be assured to know that whoever broke into your car to nick hi vis and old sneakers probably has a pretty crappy life, but doesn't make the start to your weekend any better! Hope that any future supernatural activity about your home is cool and not scary xoxo

  8. If the light glove gives up, there are always candles! Of course, they'll probably ruin your eyesight, but at least you will have defeated the evils of technology.

    I hope your luck takes a turn for the better soon. :)

  9. Thanks everyone for your support! It's already made my week better :-)


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