Saturday, 30 June 2012

One of these things is not like the other

I went on a pattern buying spree. Somehow I have only just discovered Here in New Zealand, I have several problems with buying patterns.

1. Spotlight is no longer a garment sewing store. Sure, they sell some fabric (at ridiculously high prices). Sure, they sell machines (in a very limited selection, and with no customer service). But really, they've totally dropped the ball for people who sew clothes.

Their patterns are seasons, nay, YEARS out of date. They have a really limited variety in stock, and limited size options. And they are freakin' expensive. I get a regular 10% discount, and occasionally they have sales. But I do not think $30 for a basic Vogue pattern is reasonable.

2. Shipping patterns from overseas is hideously expensive. Often more than US$35 in postage costs for three or four pattern envelopes.
3. Pattern downloads are a pain in the butt. I don't have the patience to print out 100 A4 sheets, sticky-tape them together, cut out the pattern, then make adjustments. Tracing is so much easier.

4. I used to love BurdaStyle, but their magazines are repetitive. Too many sack-shaped designs, and again, we are about 5 months behind at any given time.

So in my excitement over a website that had $2.99 patterns, and Vogues at $11, I went a bit crazy. I bought 5 patterns - which is outrageous.
Here are the five patterns that I chose:

Vogue 8791 - different cup sizes, should be good for work
Easy McCall's 6319. Somehow I didn't realise this was for knits, but I like it.
Burda - 7376
Burda 7376. No zips, should be a quick make. Until I get to hemming.

Very Easy Vogue 8815. I'm planning one with long sleeves

Um, yep. Butterick 5796 is definitely a maternity pattern. Whoops.

Nope, I'm not pregnant or planning to be. I'm just an idiot. In my defence, here is the line drawing that I actually chose this from:

All right, the pants should have been a giveaway. But seriously, the tops didn't scream 'PREGNANT' to me! At least it was only $2.99. It can just go into the box with all the other patterns I never get around to sewing!


  1. I don't actually think those pants are too much of a giveaway - they just look like very high-waisted pants or something. Still, as you say, a loss of $3 is much easier to cope with than $30 or something.

    The Spotlight near my house is completely massive and it almost seems as though there's too much choice... in everything! It's all very bewildering when you set foot inside the store and I expect the prices are too high.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some of the creations that result of all this pattern-buying!

    1. Well, yeah. I'm tempted to sew up one of the maternity tops regardless! I really like the styles.

      The Spotlight stores are huge, but all the ones in Auckland at least seem to have mostly home dec and scrapbooking supplies.

      I'm looking forward to the new clothes too!

  2. I think you could probably still sew the maternity tops, even the pants - you would just need to take out the extra fabric for the bump. The crossover top is really cute.

    When I lived in Auckland I used to visit Ike's Emporium in Browns Bay for fabrics.It's a mixed bag, you never really know what you are going to get but they have all sorts of things there, plus an interesting trims section. At least they did a year or so ago!

    1. You're right, Ike's has heaps of awesome trims, buttons, etc. Their fabric is a bit hit-and-miss but way cheaper than Spotlight. I've been buying quite a bit from Antique Fabrics and Lace in the Onehunga Mall - I love that place.

      The cross-over top is actually why I bought the pattern! Maybe I should make it, and just take in the side seams if needed...

  3. You should definitely make the crossover top! Mum reckons that the way they did maternity patterns in the 80s was with a triple seam, and you'd let it out as your bump got bigger. So you should be able to alter it pretty easily.

    I was looking at patterns online for Mum the other day, and was highly entertained that while the styles have changed since the 80s, the fabric that they use in the sketches hasn't. Makes the clothes look SUPER stylish!! O.o

    I'm kind of curious what Spotlight sells now, if not fabric and patterns...

    1. That's actually quite a clever way of making a maternity top! I think the ones now mostly rely on ultra-stretchy fabric.

      Oh, I know what you mean about the pattern sketches. For example, Vogue 8815 above.

      It seems to me that at least half of Spotlight is home dec - doona covers, towels, vases, curtain making, upholstery fabric etc. The rest is mainly scrapbooking, cake decorating... anything but clothes sewing!

  4. Replies
    1. It looks good, right? And it's essentially two pattern pieces with a belt - gotta love a simple pattern.

  5. Love you, sis. I rescued all Mum's patterns from Dad's place. I'll send you a selection, if you would like? :)

    1. WOULD like! Though they are tiny. I'll have to practice grading up pattern sizes :-D

      Love you too, favourite little sis!


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