Thursday, 3 May 2012

Yum dinner for a week

Just a quick post so you remember that I exist!

When I was in the States last year, I discovered that my favourite thing ever was Mexican food. Especially anything with shredded beef (or frozen margaritas, or sangria).

I only cook dinner every second night, so I got a head start on tonight's dinner yesterday. I took:

  • 1kg of chuck steak, trimmed of fat (at only $13/kg, this is the cheapest kind of beef that doesn't have shins attached!)
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes in juice
  • 1 packet of burrito seasoning (no, probably not very authentic)
Grab a big saucepan. Heat a splash of oil in there, then throw in the meat (don't bother cutting it up). Chuck in the tomatoes and seasoning and put on the lid.

Turn the stove down to its lowest setting, then leave the meat simmering for a few hours. It took me 3.5 hours. You'll know when it's done - stick a fork in it and it will fall to pieces.

Put it on a cutting board and tear the steak apart with two forks. You can eat it right away, or store it in the fridge with some of the juice to keep it moist. Reheat when it's your turn for dinner! It goes well in burritos/tacos (obviously), or even cold on a sandwich.

And you will have enough meat to eat for a week - enjoy!!


  1. Can we go back to that Mexican restaurant in New York with the enormous cocktails?? OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

    Slightly random questions - did you periodically check it to make sure it wasn't running out of liquid? Did you need to add any water if it was running out of liquid? Did you turn the meat during cooking? And did you sear the meat on both/all sides before turning the heat down to a simmer?

    Sorry. I've just turned myself into an absolute moron by making your really simple recipe impossibly complicated! ;)

    1. 1. Yes, I would love to go back to that restaurant and the giant cocktails. Though I've no idea where the restaurant was or what it was called.

      2. It had absolutely heaps of liquid from the tin of tomatoes. I added a bit of extra water at the start, but it really didn't need it. I turned the meat maybe twice? And I did a really half-assed job of searing the meat. So basically, no effort required!

    2. I'm pretty sure we could just go back to the hotel and ask them to recommend a Mexican restaurant and end up at the same place! ;) And I think the name of it was on the giant cocktail glasses, so maybe we can work it out from one of the photos :)

  2. I love Mexican food as well, sadly I've not found a Mexican place here in Canberra :( Don't get me started on Frozen Margaritas and Sangria! I do something similar when I make spaghetti bolognese, I do like a kilo of mince and then freeze it. So easy!

    1. I don't think there are any Mexican restaurants in Auckland either - at least, I haven't come across any. Yes, bolognese is another simple and rewarding bulk-cook!

    2. Yeah, I pined for Mexican food when I was in Canberra too, Vanisha!! Although the burritos from Zambrero are pretty good to tide you over until you can get to a real city that offers proper Mexican food! :)


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