Tuesday, 10 April 2012

More artsy, less fartsy?

I'm not really fartsy. No more than the average adult, anyway.

When I was about... 11? I got an assignment back from a teacher with a note that I was extraordinarily uncreative. We had to write a story about *anything*. So I wrote about the trip my family had taken to Central Australia over the summer. Non-fiction, sure, but she didn't say it couldn't be...

Anyway, I digress. I wish I could find that teacher now, because her crap writing assignment doesn't mean I'm uncreative! I've just today realised how much of our flat is covered in my 'creativity'.

Oh look! Here's one of my NY photos on the wall. I also painted the canvas with the clock in front of it.

Another NY photo. Note also the Burda magazine, for sewing-y goodness. Stephen King novels don't count as creative reading ;-)

Oh my, some more photos.
Lesson - don't let anyone else bring you down! When it comes to hobbies, you can be as creative (or not) as you like. I don't think it's as simple as judging someone else to be non-creative - 'creative' isn't that easy to pin down.

Hope you all had a relaxing long weekend!


  1. It's funny, a whole lot of my school books fell on my head when I was changing bedrooms earlier in the year, and so I came across a whole lot of my old creative writing attempts. And without fail, the fictional ones were TERRIBLE (although apparently well written enough to still get me reasonable grades). The ones based on real life, though, made my teachers cry and laugh (I know because they told me so in the feedback) and always had A+ grades. I guess that's a sign that I was meant to be a blogger and not a novelist! ;)

    I kind of wish my high school art teachers could see some of my photos. Because it was art where I was deemed devoid of creativity!! (Although not quite as explicitly as you were told - WTF, teacher???)

    1. Yeah, I never did well at high school art either (though I was pretty good at graphics).

      The only fictional stories I remember writing were just plain weird. Things about nuclear explosions, witches, being adopted by Santa Claus, etc.

      While I'm all for honest feedback to students, I don't know what advantage a teacher would gain from telling a kid they aren't creative. I mean, where's the motivation to try harder???

      Meh. She's probably still giving kids boring assignments today ;-)

    2. I know that I wrote a fictional story in which my teddy bear came to life and dragged me into Teddy Bear World. So yeah, mine were wear as hell too! Although I don't think I ever wrote about nuclear explosions..........

      It's completely bizarre that she would do that. I mean, it's not like you didn't do the assignment. If she wanted fiction, she should have specified it more clearly!!

  2. So, so true! I wish some of my high school teachers could see me now too. I remember one told me I wasn't a 'caring' sort of person so should avoid all careers options that involved people!! Oh my...

    1. Hahaha there are quite a few people from my past who I wish I could show my life to now!

      While my current career doesn't involve creativity, it does take a lot of skills (and balls!) that other people didn't think I have :-D

      (just realised I need to clarify that, I don't literally have balls. Just metaphorically!)


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