Monday, 9 April 2012

Miss you (still), Mum

Today marks four years since my Mum passed away.

Me, mum, and a wood-veneer TV
The quilt my mum made for my 21st birthday present. Note: the quilting is all hand-stitched!!
No more words, just thoughts. x


  1. Huge hugs - I know how much your mum meant to you. Hope you're doing okay xx
    PS. Unrelated side note - Baby Kat's shoes in that picture are spectacular. And Easter relevant!

    1. Thanks Kirsti :-)

      The shoes were unintentional, but I'm glad they work with the theme!

  2. Not sure it ever goes away...maybe just gets a little longer between the big silent reflective times. Huge hugs xxxooo

    1. Thanks Jess - I knew you would understand :-)

    2. Lovely pic of you and your mum kat.
      I still remember your mum making that quilt for you! I have great memories of the pachwork get togethers our mums shared.
      kate xo

    3. Thank you Kate :-)

      Yes, I think our mums spent a LOT of time crafting together over the years! I'm glad they each found each other to have as friends and 'craft colleagues' :-)

  3. Catching up on your posts ... Your mum looks lovely and I love the quilt. love your little red shoes too - so cute. Thinking of you, love and hugs.


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