Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Things I have thought

Just some random thoughts that I feel the need to air!

  • People can be so condescending. This week I've been asked to do someone's photocopying, read a specification on behalf of another engineer, purchase milk because the smoko room is all out... sigh. I don't want to believe the worst of people, but I really don't think I'd hear those requests if I was a man.
  • If one has problems getting along with crowds of other people, one should reflect upon one's own thoughts and behaviour before blaming the other people... what is the common factor with all these problems? Oneself!!
  • I'm trying to work out how *not* to dread my next birthday. It's not an age thing, I just had such an un-fun birthday last year that I wouldn't quite know how to cope with another!
  • In a similar vein: if somebody tells me happy news, I will pretend to be glad for them if it kills me (assuming I'm not genuinely glad)! I recently got a promotion at work... I'm super grateful for the people who have responded kindly. But I'm gutted about the people close to me who pretended they didn't hear what I said - or worse, used it as an opportunity to complain about their own lack of promotions. I hear what you're saying, but maybe now is not the time?
Some rays of sunshine to balance out the crappiness:

  • Early nights are underrated. I don't need much convincing to turn off the telly and go to bed at 8:30pm!
  • It's a great feeling when you can teach someone a new skill, or help them to improve in their job. I've recently had the opportunity to train some people at work, and I've really enjoyed it.
  • This weekend coming, I'm going to travel in Boeing 777 to the air show at Ohakea. It's only about 400km away, and we have been lucky enough to score tickets for the return trip!
  • My latest copy of Burda Style has LOADS of clothes I want to sew up. Something for a rainy day! (also, a day when I am not working, grocery shopping, cleaning, or sleeping to recover from work. But soon...)
And then some photos of the random variety, because a blog post is not complete without photos.

This was the first bridge I ever inspected as an engineer. I'm not even joking. And I took this photo on a digital camera that used 3 1/2" floppy disks. Go Mavica!
This was a fairly typical university moment, circa 2004
And this was my home away from home for three years at the turn of the century. It looks pretty in the sunset, but looked more like Housing Commission in real life...


  1. 1. People suck. We know this well.
    2. I suspect the key to a successful birthday is to plan something well in advance so that even if things start turning to crap in the lead up, you'll have something to look forward to. Perhaps you and Chris could go away for the weekend!
    4. Yay, air show!!
    5. That middle photo is brilliant. I'm kind of sad that I have none even remotely like it...

    1. PS. I've said it before, but a million bonus points for that "prosaic" tag!! ;)

    2. 1. Yes.
      2. is a great idea. Thank you. Will start planning soon :-)
      Re: 3... several people whose DNA I share.
      4. Indeed! And today I got offered free tickets to a beer fest on the same day (which I obviously can't attend), so it is a day destined for greatness.
      5. I have many photos of uni shenanigans. This was one of my favourites, though.

  2. I appreciate your honesty and how real you keep things here. I can relate to a lot of your first few sentences. Sadly. The picture of the bridge and that you used a camera that used a floppy disk is crazy! I can't even imagine that! Hope you're having a great week lovely <3

    1. Ugh, I know. I really wish NONE of us could relate to that kind of rubbish!

      Hahaha I laugh at the technology we used in my job, as little as 10 years ago. No doubt that 0.3MP camera cost thousands of dollars, too...

      My week is improving! Hope you're doing well too :-)

  3. Yeah, there's always some jerk lurking around the corner with a pin, ready to burst your bubble. I've had it happen to me and it can be quite hurtful. As for the birthday, try to include some fail-safe things that always make you happy to ensure there's no way it could possibly be as bad as the last one - be it a bottle of your favourite wine, making a booking at your favourite restaurant, or tracky dacks, a block of chocolate and your favourite DVD! Don't let the bastards get you down xoxo

    1. I think a combination of yours and Kirsti's ideas shall lead to a better birthday! Thanks ladies!

      Yeah, some people really *need* to rain on parades. There was even a bit of that at my sister's wedding, would you believe? Meh. Those people deserve the bad karma that they get, I suppose.

  4. Congratulations on your promotion Kat. It's great when efforts are appreciated and rewarded.
    Heard the air show at Ohakea was amazing. Hope you had a good time.
    Loved the pics.

    1. Thanks Suzy - yes, it's nice to be appreciated for my work!


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