Monday, 5 March 2012

New York, New York - my favourites

The Empire State Building, from the Top of the Rock. I found it hard to compose the photo so that the Empire State Building wasn't lost amongst the rest of the city. This was my favourite attempt, made better by the circling bird.

We were so fortunate to visit the 9-11 memorial just a couple of days after it opened. There were loads of beautiful images, but this one summed up the love and loss for me.

Copyright Kat Campbell

And, following that, the new World Trade Center, nearly complete. I like the perspective on this, with a little sun flare to draw attention to the flag at the bottom. It's a bit more triumphant than the photo above.

Obviously, Grand Central Station would have been greatly improved with a tripod. Though I would have been trampled in the stampede. I do like the motion blur from the people racing everywhere - this place was total chaos!

What would New York be without the Statue of Liberty? I like that I've gotten a view that is less postcardish - a few people have said that they didn't even realise that you could wander around behind the statue. I love the sunflare which appears to be either pointing to or emanating from her torch - it's what makes this picture interesting to me.


  1. I love all of them! Especially the first two. They're much better composed than mine :)

    1. Naw, thanks! Notice I didn't include any night photos... I seem to remember yours were better!

  2. Beautiful Kat. I find nigh time photography a little tricky, especially with my DSLR!

    1. Night photography is something I really need to work on. If only it didn't interrupt my sleeping time ;-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I thought it was a beautiful city. But it's always easy to say that as a tourist...


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