Friday, 2 March 2012

Favourite photos... Washington DC

It's amazing how many photos you take, when you holiday with a keen fellow photographer! And it means not having to explain why you have crouched down on the footpath to point your camera at the building beside you.

Nothing too exciting about this photo. I do like that the sky was so picturesque! It was hard to choose holiday photos for these posts without being influenced by how excited I was to be there. I've tried to pick ones that I think are technically pretty good (as opposed to just fun locations, like Disney World)!

The J. Edgar Hoover FBI building is kind of ugly, aesthetically speaking. Of course, it's iconic due to its history and use in TV shows and movies. I thought this picture captured what the place was all about, without focussing on its innate grey squareness.

The bread line sculpture at the Roosevelt Memorial was amazingly detailed. In fact, I think the Roosevelt Memorial in general showed an amazing amount of thought, and told a story more effectively than any other memorial we visited. I just so happened to capture a man who appears to already have gotten his bread! This photo needed to be black and white so that the living man blended in better with the bronze statues.

The Vietnam War Memorial is a very stark, shiny, list of names. Its simplicity makes it all the more moving. There were a lot of people there apparently looking for a specific name, as this man was. I like that the clothing on the lady echoes the red, white and blue of the ribbons on the wreath.


  1. I love the Vietnam Memorial shot. The light was hinky in all of mine, so the stone looks more grey than black... :(

    I'm increasingly thinking I'm going to have to do a "Ridiculous museum objects" edition of my favourite 2011 photos, because I have SO. MANY. PHOTOS. of museum objects in there!

    1. I would LOVE to see your ridiculous museum objects!!

  2. This brings back sooo many memories of my time there. The weather seems a lot nicer in your photos compared to when I was there!

    1. The weather was great... though exceedingly hot and humid. It probably would have been more bearable if Kirsti and I didn't walk about 10km every day!


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