Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Best bits of Boston in black and white

Okay, so the weather was mostly miserable. But we made the most of it, by spending a day at the New England Aquarium. Hence the photos below...

Turns out jellyfish are awesomely abstract, especially when converted to black and white. I think this would look awesome in any combination of monochrome... and would look cool as a great big poster.

This little fella is just so darned cute and happy! I challenge anyone to resist taking his photo. It's a shame the  corner of the perspex tank gets in the way, but... seriously, look at his little face!

I really really love this photo, for some reason. It was just a quick shot through the rain, towards the boats. I think the chair balances out the couple, and I love that she is holding the umbrella over him. Cute!

So, my camera should be back from Timaru very soon. Then I can show you a skirt that I made, and I'll be practicing photography hard-core in the lead-up to my sister's wedding. Hooray :-D


  1. You should get that last photo enlarged and framed. It's so beautiful. I just kept looking at it. And yay for getting your camera back, can't wait to see the skirt you made :)

    1. Thank you! If I ever get into photography seriously, I definitely need to practice my 'people photos'. So I really appreciate your comment!

  2. I love aquariums! I spent my preschool years in Vancouver, and my fondest memories are of the endless visits we took to the aquarium there. Everywhere we travel, if there's an aquarium, we go! I love your B&W shots. Amazing!

    1. Aquariums and zoos are always a great way to spend a day, I agree :-)

      Glad you enjoyed the photos!


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