Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Favourite Florida photos

Continuing my theme, I've gone back through the photos I took in the USA during my September holiday. First up, the photos from Florida.

This is the bottom of a Saturn I rocket. This photo is a little abstract, but I love the primary colours and the unusual angle.

Chris in the rocket garden. I like that the vertical format echoes the shape of the rockets (and Chris). It's a shame that the stay-wire is visible to the left. I could probably have got down lower (sat on the ground) and taken a slightly more exaggerated angle.

To me, this photo sums up South Beach, Miami. Art Deco colours, perfect sand, perfect water, perfect sky. It's an unusual composition because the horizon is in the middle of the portrait-format. I like it though, I don't think I would have composed it differently with the experience I have now.

A bit picture-postcard, but I really like silhouettes.

This one would go on my wall, if only it didn't have the big blurry spot in the middle from my lens fogging up. We'd been outside for about 10 minutes, but the light was fading and my lens hadn't adjusted to the 40°C and humidity yet. I included about 2/3 sky in this one, because - quite frankly - an empty beach is a boring foreground!


  1. I love the palm tree one. Probably because I'm so bad at taking silhouette shots - I can never seem to get them right!!

    And the first one? Is basically America in picture form - "We're red, white and blue and have fuck-off sized rockets. Booyah!" ;)

    1. Thank you! There isn't too much of a trick with silhouette shots. You just need to make sure your camera decides the exposure based on the light in the sky, not the darkness of the silhouette.

      Hehehe I think that was why the first photo appealed to me! My (long long ago) background is in Graphics, not Art, so I seem to see things in block shapes and colours - as opposed to seeing the feelings or meanings. Don't know if it's the best way of seeing, but it's all mine!


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