Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I've remembered how to sew!

Seriously, my sewing machine didn't even recognise me. I'm sorry, sewing machine. I don't think she's seen the light of day since before I went to the States last September!

I splurged on a Burda Style magazine yesterday. And promptly cut out a pattern from a back issue. Oh well. Maybe in another 6 months I'll sew something from my new magazine...

This time, I made Burda Style 07-2011-104. It's made out of net in the original pattern, but I didn't want to look like something fished up from the deep. So I decided that lace was the way to go! First, I thought I should get some advice on sewing lace from my reference book (no useful advice found).

Oh well, it didn't matter anyway. Turns out lace is easy enough to sew. Just use french seams. The binding around the neck, hem, and armholes was simple, but fiddly. My sewing machine doesn't love shiny stuff, and kept skipping stitches.

I did add some bust darts, because when I tried it on (thankfully before the armhole binding), it was just begging for them.

The result? Good! I really like it. My goal this year is to do things *properly*, not fast. So I don't mind that it took half a day to create a top out of two pieces. I feel like I've done it nicely, and that is important to me.

Also? I ordered some shoes from the States. On Friday. And got them yesterday. They are Calvin Klein and they are GREAT. Highly recommend www.endless.com if you are in the market for some good shoes! Free international shipping for orders over $100, too (note: not paid for this, just like the site!).


  1. That top looks fantastic! I think the flower patterned lace looks several million times better than the boring net in the original, too.

  2. Love the lace!! So preeeeeeeeeetty... Also, those shoes are awesome. Although I'm always terrified by the idea of buying shoes online because of my weird narrow heels. I wonder if I could sneak around trying to find things that fit and that I like in store and then buy them online instead... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    PS. Love the hi-vis in the background ;)

  3. @ Katie - thank you! The net is both boring, and something that I would *never* wear in public, so I'm glad I had a metre of lace just begging to be sewed up!

    @ Kirsti - yeah, it's definitely a gamble buying shoes online. The other pair I bought don't fit so well, but can be fixed with inserts. Endless has lots of designer brands I'd have no chance of finding here, so I thought it was worth a go. I'm not sure of their return policy, but given the rest of their service I'm sure they are reasonable.

    Also, the hi-vis? Not even mine! (we have to wear orange on the road). I live in a dual-hi-vis house :-D

  4. I love the shoes!!! And what a great job with the sewing. I rush through things a bit too much and learning to slow down is something I've been trying to do. I like your goal about doing things properly and not fast. I think you did an awesome job on this top!

  5. I'm not sure whether I like the top or the shoes more (to be clear, I like both. Very much!).

    It's good living a dual hi-vis house cos nobody tries to steal your stuff. Except for your thick socks. Which, let's face it, you're not going to want back once they've crossed to The Dark Side... *shudders*

  6. @ Vanisha - I know what you mean about rushing. It's a really conscious decision to slow down, but hopefully it will pay off :-)

    @ Ness - why, thank you. I like them both too! Thankfully, Chris has giant feet so is unlikely to steal my socks - but indeed, if he did, I would NOT want those socks back!!

  7. Nice job on the top. What a great piece to add to your wardrobe, along with those fabulous shoes!

  8. Thank you! And it's been so long since I'd bought any new shoes, I'm so thrilled to have some that aren't embarrassing to wear out of the house!

  9. Whether you do it to save money, for fun, for the self fulfillment, or to be prepared in case of an emergency, sewing your own clothes can be a good idea.

  10. Couldn't agree more! It's a really useful skill :-)


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