Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday night fun

So, how does a 28 year old construction engineer spend Friday night? Well, it depends which Friday night you have in mind.

Last Friday we had to demolish a motorway bridge, so it went like this:

  • Home at 12:30pm for a nap;
  • Came back to work at 6:30pm, in full regalia (hard hat, boots, hi-vis, safety glasses, earplugs, gloves);
  • Ran a pre-start meeting;
  • Had McDonalds for dinner with my boss (cos, having dinner with my boss is a great way to start the weekend?!?)
  • Remained at the site until about 2am, when I realised that sleep was required;
  • Back to work from 7:30am Saturday until 5pm, manning the motorway cameras to see how traffic was flowing;
  • Received text updates every hour all night, to reassure me that they would be off the road in time;
  • Back to work again from 6:30am Sunday until 11:30am. I chose not to have brunch with the boys on site when we were done - much as I like them, I wanted brunch with Chris! Also, I needed to wash the concrete dust off my skin/hair/inside of my lungs.
There were 6 diggers working on this through the night... only one noise complaint though!

Bridge down! Now to clean up the motorway beneath...
Pictures courtesy of my boss. Except for the one below. Who would have thought that something which is essentially rubbish could look so artistic?

That's a whole lotta steel right there!
This Friday?
  • I have a competent graduate covering for me at work, so I have got a few days off to make up for the work I did all through Christmas;
  • Most importantly, I HAVE TURNED MY WORK PHONE OFF!
  • I got up late;
  • Went to visit my cousins, and had a few beers with my uncle and his fiancĂ©e;
  • Ate an iceblock for dinner;
  • Did my nails, in the most ridiculous manner possible;
  • Watched Rain Man. And may watch more movies into the night!
They look pretty tacky. But hey, I'm on holidays!
I love that my life has lots of different things going on. And don't get me wrong, bridge demolition is pretty cool. But I'll take a day off over 'interesting construction things' any time!

Hope you all are having a good Friday too :-)


  1. Your life definitely is interesting. Your photos of work had me wishing I could try something like that too. It looked simply AWESOME! Can I come hang out with you at work? I hope this weekend is quieter for you! Again, can I come hang out with you at work?!

  2. Oh my gosh, you must be the only person in the world who would want to hang out at work with me! Exciting things like this only happen about once every year or two... mostly work is just noisy, smelly, and exhausting!

    On the other hand, it would be interesting if *all* adults got the opportunity to do a 'day in the life of' other careers every now and then!

  3. I spent my Friday night at ballet class and eating creme brulee. OM NOM NOM. Hurrah to days off, especially after having a weekend like last weekend! Love the nails, btw!

  4. That is certainly not the average Friday night! I do love the sound of your lazy Friday night, though.

  5. @ Kirsti - I like your Friday night better than mine!

    @ Katie - Lazy Friday nights are the best :-)

  6. I'm probably not as excited about the excavators as everyone else cos I see them all day too, but it's still cool to see four lined up like that! (Tree-huggers shouldn't say things like that, should they...) And as the person who usually has to deal with noise complaints, I am super-impressed you only had one. Well done :)

    Also, love the houndstooth nails. I have a bottle of hot pink polish on my desk at work and I put it on when I need a little injection of Awesome :)

  7. @ Ness - I was surprised by the lack of noise complaints too... normally all customer complaints come to me, but I 'convinced' (meaning: told) my boss it was his job for the demolition!

    The houndstooth nails have been a hit with a lot of people... but I think I need to remove them before work tomorrow :-)


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