Saturday, 17 December 2011

My first sales!

So, a few weeks ago I decided to print some calendars to give to Chris's family members (the ones I don't know well enough to choose Christmas presents for).

I took one into work to keep on my own desk, and had some great responses from colleagues wandering by.

As a result, I've sold a calendar (and signed it, at her request!) and am in the process of selling a very large print of one of my favourite photos (above).

My next step is to learn a little more about business - in particular, the photography business. I don't think I have time (or experience) to be a wedding photographer, but I do apparently have a flair for landscape and nature photography.

I'm currently reading a great book - Marketing Fine Art Photography by Alain Briot. Once you get past the airy-fairy artiness of the first chapter (not really my style), it has some great thought-provoking information.

I'm also looking into a website (as opposed to a blog). First, I need to think about what my business would be called, and what exactly I want from a website. Chris and some other acquaintances have had good experiences using Merog Design. He'll be the first guy I call upon - he's creative and fast, plus good value.

(note: neither Merog nor Mr Briot know who I am, and I don't expect anything in return for mentioning them. I just hope that they get the recognition they deserve for the good work they do!)

What do you think? Anyone else had any experience or thoughts about setting up a little business?

***Update: I sent an email to Alain Briot. I really just wanted to express appreciation for his book, which I have now purchased in 'e' format... and he very kindly responded! So extra props to someone who is dedicated to his art, but is also a friendly human being ;-)
(PS: highly recommend expressing appreciation to people, it isn't done nearly enough)


  1. Congratulations!!! I definitely wouldn't have the patience to be a wedding photographer - too much wrangling of flower girls and ring bearers and whatnot!!

    I have half heartedly thought about putting some of my photos into an Etsy store, but I'd have to do test runs first to see how the quality was once they're blown up! And then of course there's the grand brownie scheme. Want to be my business manager?! ;)

  2. Awesome Kat. I've thought of doing something with my photos too. I thought about cards into an Etsy store but haven't really thought things through. I think I need a really good camera first!

  3. Good work tiger :) I can't wait until I can get my life into some semblance of order, and then I will start to focus on more creative things. At present it's all a bit of a rush!

  4. That's awesome! I wish I could sell my photos. Send along any tips you learn (or sell mine on your site :P).
    Also, I sent an email to the author of He's Just Not That Into You and heard back cause he's awesome!

  5. @Kirsti - no, I'm not sure I'd really cope with wedding photography either. I'd be pleased to be your business manager if I understood even the first thing about business!

    @Suzy - if you are printing something the size of a card, you could almost certainly get good enough quality from a point and shoot... good luck!

    @Ness - thanks! I know what you mean about feeling that time is running away!

    @Lauren - Haha I don't have any tips yet, but will be pleased to share when I do! Yeah, it's awesome when somebody you admire takes time to respond.

  6. Congrats Kat. I really like the photograph above and I'll bet the calendars are gorgeous.

  7. Thank you Shannon!

    I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas :-)

  8. Woohoo! Money for something you find fun is always good :)


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