Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hi Mum!

I'm not really superstitious - I don't think that Mum can hear me, wherever she is...

But I *am* very pleased that my "Linda Campbell" rose is finally flowering! I still can't believe there is a variety of rose with my mum's name!


  1. Ooooooooh, it's so pretty!! Does it smell nice? Or is it one of those weird roses that doesn't have a scent?

  2. No scent. Apparently it's something that happens when they 'genetically engineer' (i.e. crossbreed) roses lots of times.

    I do love rose scent though - lucky we have another rose bush that smells beautiful!

  3. They are, right? I love roses - they have such a lovely texture (and if you're lucky, a nice smell).

  4. oh that is so beautiful. How awesome to have a rose with the same name as your mum. I love roses too.


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