Sunday, 27 November 2011

Catching up my 101 in 1001 - US edition

I've been completely neglectful of updating this, but thankfully I am still very slowly moving forward!

1. Set foot on land that is not an island
I have lived my life in Australia and New Zealand, and had previously never ventured further than Phuket. But now I've been to mainland USA, I can tick this off!

11. Eat a bagel in New York City
Done. And that was the first time I managed to have a coffee made from actual beans, too.

20. Take a boat trip
To the Statue of Liberty!

22. Drink coffee in Boston
Made easier by the Starbucks within our motel.

39. Ride on a rollercoaster and 40. Have a photo taken with a fictional character
Disney World FTW!

50. Visit a Smithsonian
Well, you've heard about this already.

51. See a space rocket
I had to be clear that I didn't mean military rockets, because I've already seen them. And you've also seen my adventures with NASA.

52. Drink a cocktail in New York
We went and had Mexican, and I had the most delicious layered cocktail. Layered frozen sangria and margarita. I MUST find this recipe!

66. Shop in Manhattan
This definitely happened. And I loved it.

67. Meet my mum's Rotary host family
I'm now an honorary Stratford-ite! Connecticut was a lovely place, and I'm forever grateful to Mom Callahan for her hospitality to both my mum and me. Also? Wine time.

80. Wear a pair of shoes until they literally fall apart
Yeah, three weeks of wearing Dunlop Volleys across the US will do that to a pair of $15 shoes...

89. Eat an American hot dog in America
I now know what a chilli dog is. Delicious but deadly!



  1. Enjoyed that - oh I want to go back and visit New York again. thanks for sharing.

  2. I would love to go back there too. It was definitely my favourite place (though each city had its merits).

  3. It feels good to tick some things off, doesn't it.

    PS - this post has made me hungry. For bagels, and for chilli dogs. Even though I've never had a chilli dog.

  4. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you *do* want a chilli dog. It's a regular hot dog with chilli mince on top - optional to have grated cheese and fried onion rings as a garnish ;-)


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