Tuesday, 29 November 2011

101 in 1001 - some more achievements

Getting there...

9. Buy somebody flowers
We had a very sad incident at work last week when our security guard was found dead. Pauline and I both contributed flowers in his memory.

14. Take photographs at a wedding
Yes! I managed to squeeze in a few at my friend Kate's wedding, when I wasn't busy being 'leader of the bridesmaids'. I got very good reviews, and had a great time doing it.

30. Get another accredited qualification
I now have a National Certificate in Business (First Line Management). Sadly, this hasn't led to an instant pay rise.

86. Give a speech
As 'leader of the bridesmaids', I made a very brief speech at Kate's wedding. There were some laughs, and I didn't see anyone yawning or rolling their eyes so it must have been okay.

91. Dance with an old friend
I had a great time at Kate's wedding - danced with her brothers and some old school friends. That definitely counts!

100. Drink French champagne
Also achieved with my fellow bridesmaids (and bride). Hoorah for duty free Moet & Chandon!


  1. Isn't Moet and Chandon great? We always have a few bottles in the house and there's always one in the fridge, you never know when you'll need to celebrate! The photo from the wedding is beautiful, was that taken in NZ?

  2. I think any kind of sparkling wine is pretty fantastic - but French stuff just feels more special!

    The wedding was at a winery in Lancefield, central Victoria. It was a really lovely venue. It's easy to take nice photos when the people and surroundings are beautiful :-)

  3. Well done! Your wedding photograph is awesome!

  4. Thanks Deirdre! It was such a pleasure to take photographs at an important time in my friend's life.

  5. yay to drinking french champagne! :D
    P.S. wedding looks beautiful!!!


  6. Hi Mariska! Champagne is awesome. It really was a beautiful wedding!

  7. Dance with an old friend -- I really like this one! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Hahaha thanks Bonnie! It was good fun, too. Highly recommend :-)


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