Friday, 14 October 2011

Self portraits are hard

The part where you turn your camera on is easy. The part where you put it on the tripod is easy.

The part where you focus on a person who isn't there yet is really hard!!

Any ideas?

(also, 'scuse my tiredness in this photo. It's Friday night)


  1. what we used to do in media class when we were stuck like this:
    we'd get our second tripod (anything tall enough will do) and place it where we planned to stand, focus on it and then stand there. we used chalk to mark the centre of the tripod's legs, but use whatever.


  2. Good idea. I was thinking about using something like a teddy bear as a stand in.

    Thanks Meegs!

  3. Get get someone/something to be a stand in... or use auto-focus :P

  4. Hahaha auto-focus would work... if I had a shutter cable long enough that I could reach it from where I sat!

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