Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sorry, I've been travelling!

I am so sorry I haven't managed to blog. The days have been so full of awesome that at night I just tumble into bed.

This post is all about the journey. What a maddeningly long trip!

So, it started last Sunday night in Auckland. I've lent my work vehicle to a colleague while I'm away, and he very kindly delivered us to the airport. We checked our bags, and had an anxious wait to see whether we would spend the next 13 hours in luxury (Business Premier), or purgatory (Economy). Thankfully, our luck was in.

Oh my, Business Premier. French champagne with my choice of (actual food for) dinner, served at whatever the heck time suited me. Watching Bridesmaids, when the vomiting/pooping scene inadvertently coincided with my dinner (less than ideal). Zooming my seat down to horizontal, and laying out my mattress and duvet. Then barely sleeping because of the farting, snoring old man sleeping behind me (not the airline's fault). Also, my inner ear was confused by the 3D movement while lying down, and I suspect I only got a few hours of snoozing. But man, lying there was good.

Also, a gift box:

What's not to love?

Soon enough, it was light again (um, on my second Sunday morning in a row). And we were flying over the California coastline.

Customs at LAX... huh. I think the more signs you use to remind people of how friendly and approachable you are, the less it is true. Seriously, what a bunch of a-holes. They could do the exact same job with the exact same efficiency if they were polite. And it would prevent travellers from rolling their eyes and getting into trouble, hahaha! I don't know whether the job turns them into gremlins, or whether only people with personality disorders apply - any thoughts?

Anyway, we had 8 hours to wait until our Delta flight.

Plants vs Zombies helped! So did books and magazines. But it was pretty boring, regardless. I will concede that the Delta check-in experience was efficient, and I liked that their terminal had heaps of power/USB points for travellers.

The flight was uneventful. It was Sunday night (again), so we slept as much as possible to be fresh for our arrival in Orlando...

More to come!


  1. good to see your blog, I joined

  2. Ooooh business... niiiice :)

    Enjoy your trip. Wish I was there

    Ness xoxo

  3. Hahaha yeah Ness, business is definitely nice! Not sure it's worth what the sticker price is though. I think anywhere with a bit of leg stretching room is probably better value.

    Am definitely enjoying it... have never had the chance to travel before! And this is a trip I've looked forward to since childhood, so I'm trying to make the most of it :-)

  4. I've travelled plenty but I have some bad news for you - once you've started it's really bloody hard to stop, which is both an expensive and inconvenient habit! Finances allowing I think I shall be attempting an epic gallavant next year, or perhaps a smaller one (by MY standards, which means six weeks not ten!) and another smaller one the following year.

    ~* Ness

  5. Awesome, Ness! Hope you've got some good destinations planned.

    Pretty sure my next trip is a camper van around the South Island - kind of local but somewhere I've never been. I think it will be after winter next year.


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