Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Magic Kingdom!

Oh, it's magic alright. And NUTS!

You know, I went to Florida hoping to see some People of Walmart. But no. The people in Walmart were just normal people shopping inside a giant freakin' shed. It's the people of DISNEYWORLD who are kind of strange...

There were the children. Oddly... happy! Seriously, I did not see a single child crying or whinging all day. To be fair, we were there at the tail end of a hurricane, so it was too wet for many children to be there at all. But it was nice that they were all enjoying themselves!

Then there were the fat people. Look, I don't mind that people are fat. Everyone is different. But the sheer number of people who hired mobility scooters purely because their legs wouldn't support them - it's really worrying. It's good that Disney can cater for everyone, but I'm genuinely concerned that people's legs won't hold them up for more than a couple of minutes at a time...

And there were the staff. Strange, but in the nicest possible way! The security there was very similar to LAX - they went through every inch of my bag, fingerprinted me (seriously), and then let us in. But they did it with SMILES!! Truly, I think the LAX staff should be trained by Disney.

But what did we do there? Rides, of course. And I ate my first ever chilli dog. It was a crazy, zany place, but I'm so glad we went!

Wheeeeee! Spinning tea cups!


  1. Fab pics Kat. Love your comment about LAX staff - it's so true.
    Keep having fun.


    Ness xoxo

  3. The LAX staff are from another planet, I'm sure of it. Too bad it's not Planet Disney!

    Ness - maybe even Disney *Land*?? It's closer, though I don't know if it's similar? But yes, after my deprived childhood (hahaha), I wanted to go too!

  4. Aladdin is kinda creeping me out... also I love the tea cup action shots!

  5. Hahaha there was a LOT about Disney that would creep you out, if you thought about it too much! The action shots were heaps of fun - it was something I definitely wanted to capture.


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