Friday, 2 September 2011

Day Zero - wow, I'm slack

Okay, so I've made no progress *at all* to my 101 things in 1000 days since last updating.

So to hopefully inspire myself, here are the things I'm planning to achieve in the next month or so... I know a lot of them were written specifically with the aim of ticking them off on my holiday. But what can I say? This holiday is something I've really wanted to do for a long time! I make no apologies for that :-D

1. Set foot on land that is not an island
So, this is self-explanatory. I've spent my entire life in Australia and New Zealand. Even Phuket is an island!

11. Eat a bagel in New York City
I love bagels. This seems like an appropriate place to procure one.

22. Drink coffee in Boston
I believe it's pronounced KOR-fee. I'll try to remember this when I ask for one.

39. Ride on a rollercoaster

40. Have a photo taken with a fictional character
Chris doesn't count. He exists, really...

44. Send a postcard
Maybe even more than one.

50. Visit a Smithsonian
In particular, the one with all the recent US history stuff. You know the one.

51. See a space rocket
I always wanted to be an astronaut, but that is very unlikely to happen in the next 1000 days. This is the next best thing.

52. Drink a cocktail in New York
Or anywhere, really. But this sounds more glamourous. I think we could do this for my second birthday (first birthday was not worth blogging about)!

66. Shop in Manhattan

67. Meet my mum's Rotary host family
They live in Connecticut. Mom C and I were so excited when we chatted on the phone that it is probably going to be both an exhausting and hilarious meeting. Mum lived with them in 1976, and somehow I've never met them yet...

89. Eat an American hot dog in America
I suppose this is also appropriate? Disgusting, and yet delicious...

Wish me luck!


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!! Your second birthday is going to be awesome - I'll make sure of it! I'll let you sample the hot dogs on your own though. Even thinking about hot dogs grosses me out... But apparently Grey's Papaya is THE place to get them in New York, so I'm sure we can swing by there and grab you one!

  2. "I believe it's pronounced KOR-fee. I'll try to remember this when I ask for one."

    Noooo! Just remember it's "coffee" as the way you'd say "coughing" (no, really!)

    you need to add, "eat at a gourmet food truck" to this list. muahaha :)

  3. Thanks Dean!

    Cynthia, it's probably lucky that I already kind of pronounce it that way! Oh my, a "gourmet" food truck?? Hmm, I think my stomach can handle it :-P


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