Wednesday, 13 July 2011

One Tree Hill

Day two of Dad's visit revolved around a trip to One Tree Hill.

It has lots of plaques to read, which pleased Dad no end.

There are some pretty epic views of Auckland, although it was kinda rainy.

Here is a black-and-white photo of the obelisk, because Dad likes black-and-white photos.

The road up to the top is a bit hairy - it's narrow, steep, winding, and covered in mountain-bikers and joggers.

The obelisk is not, as many think, a war memorial. Or at least, it doesn't commemorate quite the same wars as most obelisks. It was a tribute by the park's founder, John Logan Campbell, to the Maori people.

After all the plaque-reading, wandering, and bracing oneself against the gale-force winds, it was time for lunch. The restaurant was lovely, with amazing service. Not particularly cheap, at about $40 for a two-course set menu, but nice food.

I do plan to walk up the volcano eventually, to cross off number 20 on my list. But the weather was closing in... next time!


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