Monday, 25 July 2011

End of July - 101 in 1001 update

So, how is my list going?

2. Sew a pair of trousers – in progress
So, I’ve cut out a pattern and washed my fabric. I wouldn’t say the progress is *extensive*, but it’s happening. I’ve lost a bit of weight (and plan to lose more), so I’m not sure at what point I ‘fit’ my pants. I guess there is no rush.

3. Take a photography course – in progress has a ‘basics’ course which I am part-way through. Thankfully, there is no real time limit on it – my biggest problem is finding daylight in which to do the exercises (it’s dark when I get home).

12. Own a piece of vintage jewellery – complete
Dad brought over a whole heap of jewellery that belonged to Mum. Some is more vintage than the rest. And some is more appealing than the rest! Class of 1977 ring from Frank Scott Bunnell High School, anyone? (wow, class rings are ugly. Glad we don’t bother with them in my part of the world)

15. Learn to greet people in Vietnamese – complete
This one involved a little Googling – pronunciation is key, as Vietnamese is a tonal language. So hopefully I won’t embarrass myself too much.

23. See a 3D movie – complete
I saw Harry Potter in 3D. Conclusion? Not really worth the extra few dollars. And annoying, because you can’t wear *actual* glasses and 3D glasses at the same time.

25. Become a New Zealand citizen – in progress
I’ve got the forms signed off by the relevant people (Dad, and a workmate). I just need to book in an appointment and pay some cash...

28. Buy one new piece of furniture – complete
Generally I prefer second-hand furniture – it’s better for the environment, and you are more likely to end up with something unique and well-made (and for a better price). But sometimes it’s nice to have something new. It’s rather prosaic, but I threw together a bookcase in which to store my sewing materials.

42. Document a day in my life – complete
You’ve probably seen this already. It’s hard to pick a ‘typical’ day, so instead it’s more of a ‘random’ day.

58. Try contact lenses – complete
I got some trial ones last week from the optometrist. They’re going fine. It’s only a little bit weird to poke myself in the eye twice a day...

So, I’m doing okay. 6% complete in 2% of the duration, according to my calculations! Woohoo!


  1. Great job. Agree with your Harry Potter notes.

  2. Thanks! As it turns out, I'm quite good at following through on a list. I should have known this already, because I do it at work all the time.

    And re: Harry Potter - I'm starting to wonder whether ANY kind of movie is worth paying to see. It costs close to $40 just for two tickets, which is kind of ridiculous!

  3. Excellent progress! :) And 3D is neeeeeeeeeever worth it, in my opinion - it makes the colours weird and the double glasses thing is just way too much like hard work...

  4. I decided to forgo the double glasses and just squint slightly! Lucky I'm not too blind. But the new contact lenses mean that I could potentially wear 3D glasses *and* have proper vision in future.


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