Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sorry, more photos - Auckland Botanic Gardens

I promise I'll get back into my other hobbies soon! But it's just so easy (and fun) to go wandering with the camera and come back with something pretty.

It was a grey, showery kind of day - not ideal for a walk in the park, but we both needed some fresh air. The cafe at the Botanic Gardens does a nice brunch too. Though it's not particularly cost-effective.

Also, it's totally the wrong time of year to see things in bloom. Pretty much what you see in the photos is what was there! However, there were some lovely sculptures. The Children's Garden was quite interesting, and had a lot of succulents and other year-round plants. I look forward to visiting again at a more picturesque time of year!

Rather than give you guys photo overload, I'll just put a couple of my favourites into the blog post, and give you the Picasa slideshow here.

If you don't have Flash on your computer, you can see the album at this link here. The web album also gives you the photo data, if you are into that kind of thing!


  1. They're so purty!! Love them all :)

    I, on the other hand, carried my camera around ALL weekend and didn't take it out of my bag at all. Fail..................

  2. Hahaha oh no! Oh well, there is no *need* to constantly take photos - I'm sure you had a great weekend if you forgot to use your camera at all!

    It was a bit hard to find photographic subjects at the Botanic Gardens in winter. I think the rose hips were the biggest success, because their presence signifies the season (rather than pretending winter doesn't exist!).


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