Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Small Snapshots - Movement

This week's theme at Kissed A Frog Blog is Movement. I have a new photo as my entry, and I've included an old one for some contrast - I hope my skills are improving over time!

My entry for this week is a photo of Chris at the very moment that he launched his model aeroplane. This is from when we were at Ambury Park last weekend. I have just now learned that it has archaeological significance.

I'm still learning how to make the polarised filter work for me.

Here is a motion shot from the archives:


  1. Ooooooooooooooooh, archaeological significance!!! Your skills are definitely improving over time - you're already kicking my arse in terms of improvement and ability!! ;)

  2. Thanks!! I don't claim any particular talent, just taking more and more photos and hopefully learning from the bad ones :-D

  3. Your second picture is exactly what I had in mind to do!! I so wanted to try one! Perhaps I still will! I love your picture! It turned out so cool! And flying an airplane definitely involves movement!

  4. The motorway photos are mostly trial and error - I tried 10s, 15s, etc. But it is good fun, and it's amazing what photos come out of it!


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