Sunday, 12 June 2011

Small Snapshots - Macro

I flaked out for a few weeks of the Small Snapshots at Kissed a Frog Blog - sorry. I don't have an excuse.

For this week's Macro challenge, I will admit that I don't entirely understand the definition of macro. Is it just things that are small? Photos taken with a lens that gives greater than 1:1 magnification??

Anyway, I don't have fancy equipment, so I've gone for "a big photo of something relatively small". Can you guess what it is?

50(85)mm, 1/50s, f1.8, ISO 200

Solder. Toy aeroplane solder. This was Chris's suggestion, so all credit to him.

This is another macro photo that I took in Walhalla a few years ago. I don't count it for the Small Snapshots because it's old. But it, like Kirsti's, was taken with an Olympus point-and-shoot.

Walhalla - daisies
7.7mm, 1/125s, f4.0, ISO 64



  1. I love them both - the water on the daisy is amazing! Hurrah for Olympus point and shoots - I guess they weren't as sucky as we thought they were ;)

  2. Yeah, it had been raining overnight before I took that photo. I guess it rains all the time in Gippsland, which makes for more photogenic gardens!

    The solder photo turned out better than expected, but I'm sure a macro lens would make a big difference. Don't think my budget will stretch to that though...

  3. No, I don't think my budget will be stretching to a macro lens any time soon either! I'll just keep my Olympus around instead...

  4. Great pictures! That flower one is so incredible! Those raindrops couldn't be any more perfectly placed! Great shot!

  5. Thanks! I've learned that if I want really good macro shots, I need to put away the DSLR and grab my little old pocket camera.


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