Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Poopy pants (but I love them)

After umming and aahing about them for almost a year, I went for it. Call me crazy, make assumptions about my failing eyesight... but I made BurdaStyle 07-2010-109 - the poopy pants. Also known as sarouels. Or, wrap pants (should that be rap pants???). Ha, I'm so hilarious.

Anyway, these are AMAAAAAAAZINGLY comfortable. And less stupid looking than I had anticipated. Except when I'm jumping in the air. Then, they make me look like a frog.

They will be great travelling pants, I think. Stylish and avant-garde enough to get me into first class on the plane (I hope), but comfortable enough to sleep in if I have to.

I wasn't sure what fabric weight to use. I had a nice brown marle ponte knit with just fabric enough to cut these. It's a great weight, as it turns out. Lighter t-shirt jersey might be a bit too floppy at the waist, though I guess enough interfacing might solve that problem. I think they might also look good in a block coloured ITY knit. But DON'T make them out of patterned fabric (again, Hammer pants. Or worse - happy pants).

Making them was a learning experience. Do those pattern pieces seriously look like they would come together as pants??

When I started sewing seams, I thought they looked vaguely like a stylised map of Australia. See, there's a Post-It on top of Adelaide, and another one near Newman. But why the Post-It's??

Because the pattern pieces were so oddly shaped that I was confused about left, right, back and front. The sewing instructions really didn't help much. I strongly recommend drinking wine *after* sewing this, not during or before! Confusing.

Eventually, it all came together. It didn't actually take that long to sew them, once I figured out how they went together. An afternoon's work.

Sorry. Once more, I am standing strangely. I promise it is so you can see the pants detail. Also, I need a good belt. I just want a plain black leather(ish) one. Maybe a mens belt? Ladies ones always have unnecessary fancy crap glued on them.

Standing a little less strangely. And very pleased with my weird poopy pants!


  1. Oh dear. I'm not sure I can be seen in public with you when you're wearing those! Although I'm sure if you let me call them the poopy pants, I'll come around in time ;)

  2. I think they're nifty. Not sure I'd make them but sometimes I really enjoy trying new things.

  3. Kirsti, I promise not to stand like a weirdo (such as I am doing in these photos). Though I may leap into the air occasionally. You can call them poopy pants as much as you like :-D

    Thanks Stephanie! It's good to occasionally make something unusual, I think that's the nice thing about sewing for yourself. Especially as here in NZ, there are only about 5 chain stores for clothing - everyone ends up wearing the same things!

  4. I have never heard of poopy pants! lol They look super comfortable though! And I'm all for comfortable pants!

  5. I think I may have made up the bit about them being poopy. They are slightly reminiscent of a kid walking around with a full nappy!

  6. Oh you are brave to make these. They are on my to do list. I'd like to try them out as well. Great job figuring out how they went together!

  7. Well, they are definitely comfortable, but as you can see from Kirsti's comments - people may not want to be see with you when you wear them! hahaha


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