Sunday, 1 May 2011

Stupid Burda top

This is pattern 129 from the BurdaStyle 01-2011 issue. My pattern review is here. I thought it was cute, and I used to have a similar style of top that I adored (until I washed it to pieces).

So why is it stupid??

There was the usual thing where the Burda instructions weren't helpful. But given that there is only a front, a back, and two sleeves, construction is not that hard. Especially if you mark the little numbers that give you the match-points. After I'd vacuumed a million little velvet fibres out of the carpet, I pinned the front to the back, and sewed it together.

And THEN I tried it on my dummy...

W. T. F. I have broad shoulders, and a big bust, but I don't intend to have my tops end below my bra!! Sigh.

Unpicking tiny stitches in crushed velvet is so demoralising.

Back onto the dummy for some adjustments. I ended up hiding some darts beneath where the 'bolero' part is pinned onto the front.

Better. Still not exactly safe for work, but not so bad for a dinner date (and wearing a less giant bra).

So, I sewed it up and put the sleeves on. It's wearable, but not great. I also discovered that it hung straight down from the bust point - which is not a flattering look when your bust is much larger than your waist. So I added some... I don't know what to call them. Inverted pleats? Anyway, I pinched the fabric on the wrong side at the waist, and sewed it. It pulls it in at the waist, but leaves the full width of fabric above and below.

This picture sums up how I feel about this project. It was able to be rescued, but it was meant to just be a quick and simple shirt. I don't think this amount of hassle is worth it... ladies, I'd recommend looking around for a better pattern if you want something similar.


  1. Wow. That's an epically stupid pattern! I can't imagine there are many women out there who want to flash THAT much of their boobs...

    It looks nice though, even if it was a pain in the arse to make!

  2. Thanks! The other reviews of this top say much the same thing, which at least reassures me that I didn't make it wrong.

    The other ladies were a bit more generous than me and happy to make the adjustments. I don't mind making *minor* adjustments, such as the length, but this was ridiculous!


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