Sunday, 29 May 2011

Small foods for small fingers

I love visiting my cousins - they live about 45 minutes north of here. Normally I just text to make sure that they are home, but this week we organised a family lunch (bringing Chris along as a special treat for the kids!). They provided the mains, and I provided the nibbles.

I want sprinkles

I decided to try Bakerella's cake balls. I just made a packet cake as a base - seeing as I would be crumbling it and mooshing it up anyway. Bakerella's website recommends using a 16 ounce can of cream cheese frosting. Once I worked out what 16 ounces is in grams (about 480g), I figured that meant two blocks of Philly + icing sugar + lemon juice. That's pretty much what cream cheese frosting is, in every recipe I've ever used.

However, frosting from a can must be stiffer, as my mix was a bit too soft. Oh well. I'll sort that out next time.

A bit too gooey

Then when I was melting the chocolate in which to dip the cake balls, everything went even more wrong. The first ten or so were fine, and then the chocolate seized. Thanks A LOT, Auckland humidity. And this was on a dry day. Note to self - don't even bother trying to melt chocolate at this latitude.

Chocolate, pre-seizure

I figured the kids wouldn't care if I gave up on the chocolate and just rolled the rest in hundreds and thousands. Partial success! (the ones dipped in chocolate did have a lovely crunch to the outside of them, though)

Still got rave reviews from the under-12 crowd

I also wanted to make some savouries. I grabbed a big bowl, and in went the flour, baking powder, eggs, chopped spinach, and cubed Spam! No measurements - time was of the essence, and this recipe is pretty fail-safe. Greased my mini-muffin pan, threw it all in the oven for 15 minutes at 180°, and made a bunch of crust-less quiches. Yum!

Total success.


  1. YUM!!!! Except, ya know, for the Spam because it reminds me of boarding school lunches and that makes me want to hurl...

    Sad news about the chocolate. Perhaps time to invest in a dehumidifier for use at times such as these?? ;) (No, seriously - we had one in Canada to stop everything going mouldy because it was so humid in summer)

  2. Ew, sorry to gross you out about the Spam! It does work well in finger food for kids though - cheap and tasty.

    I'm officially giving up on tempering chocolate here. Dehumidifiers are expensive to purchase and run, and our house is far from weather-tight anyhow. It's not like I regularly make chocolate, so I'll just keep it in mind when I make candy recipes in the future!


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