Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pretendy tilt-shift... for free!

I LOVE tilt-shift photos. Looking at them is sort of a guilty pleasure... they are kind of silly, but addictive.

Taken by someone far better than me - Envios on Flickr

I looked at buying a tilt-shift lens. Ahem. One is not made of money.

So, after a little Googling, I found this tutorial at Photojojo. Incidentally, they have an awesome online store, too. All kinds of good'n'nerdy camera stuff!

Mucking around in the lounge room turned up the following:

Left side in focus
Right side in focus!
Whole photo in focus, with a little weird perspective.
I like it. I can see the potential, and look forward to taking the idea on the road... literally. When I next come home from work while it is still light, and not raining, I'll take some photos down my street. I think it will be more effective to try it with a much larger depth of field.

One thing I learned is that less is more. Tilt the lens too far from the camera, and it's just all way out of focus. Plus, I auto-focused prior to unscrewing my lens so that it was reasonably focussed.

Next step - try to make a tilt-shift attachment! Actually, that might be too ambitious :-D


  1. WOW. That's so cool! I'd be FAR too much of a chicken to try shooting without the lens attached to the camera though! Far too many possibilities for me to drop something. Or for me to get a crapload of dust in the body...

    I'll just leave the tilt-shift to you and admire the results!! :)

  2. Hahahaha well, the lens is still *on* the camera body, just not screwed in. So the chance of dust is low. And if you use a reasonably short lens, and don't do this in a cyclone or a scrum, there isn't much chance of dropping stuff (unless that is usually a problem for you)!

    But I will be trying this some more...

  3. Aah, that makes far more sense. I kind of freaked out when I got to the macro bit of the article and it said you can move your lens INCHES away from the body of the camera and still shoot. That just makes me nervous...

    And I'm pretty uncoordinated, so dropping stuff often IS a problem! So far, the camera has escaped unscathed, although I did bash it against a showcase at work yesterday. Oops...


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