Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New lens and new knowledge

Using my new-found knowledge of how to white balance when there isn't a cloud in the sky, and the fact that I wanted to get some sunshine, I took a walk to the mall.

I took only my new 50mm lens, to get a little more experience. Okay, and because so far it has made all my pictures pretty awesome. The photos you'll see below have had very little image manipulation.

All I did to this one was crop it. I got a bee! Not a bumblebee, admittedly (that is my life's ambition), but still a real live bug. The flowers are a little bleached out. It was about 11:30am, so even with my anti-blue it was probably just a bit too glarey. Maybe a polarised filter would help (but I don't have one!).

This was a south-facing basalt wall, absolutely creeping with lichen. I think I'm addicted to texture in photographs almost as much as I'm addicted to bees. ("Bernard! I ate all the bees!")

This fern was in the front yard of someone's apartment. I was worried the photo would be boring, but somehow the koru looks just right. I really can't figure out what proportion of my photos are lucky, the result of good equipment, or skilled!

This church is just down the road from my house, in Church Street (of course). I think this illustrates two things very well - the moderate telephoto effect of my lens, and that my anti-blue white balance is working. Otherwise the stonework would be blue. Also? Even at 200% zoom, the edges of the church are crisp and without chromatic funkiness.

I dunno. Just leaves on a wall. I thought about manipulating this photo a little, but I think it would end up looking fake. I'm not sure if the colours are quite as contrasting as they were to my eye.

Anyway, there wasn't really a point to this post. Sorry. I'm just really enjoying my camera! If only I could spend all day playing with it instead of going to work...


  1. STOP MAKING ME JEALOUS!!!!!! *sulks*

    All of these are completely amazing. And bonus points for quoting Black Books ;)

    Oh, and you could try setting your camera on Vivid to boost the contrast in the last one?

  2. If it makes you less jealous, this habit is sending me broke! Yes, I probably should look at the internal colour/saturation settings. Good idea.

    Thanks for the compliment - we are going to have some MEAN photos when we come back from the States!


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