Thursday, 5 May 2011

Easter road trip part 3 - Taihape to Kimbolton

Kimbolton is what I like to think of as typical small-farming-town-rural-New-Zealand. In the 1950s. It's a sweet little place, and everyone knows each other.

I wandered around the town for a little while on Good Friday - I'd arrived too late to help my uncle with the milking (seriously).

Everyone has beautiful cottage gardens, and I spent some time chasing bumblebees. While they appear to be slow, they zip around quick enough that they are nearly impossible to photograph. I promise that there really is one in the fuchsias there!

It seemed slightly unreal that a minister would have bothered to come all the way to this town just to open a telephone exchange. Must have been a slow year in 1970.

And every small town has (well, had) a bank.

Only one more update, and you will have seen all the best bits of the journey!


  1. Aaaah, the high flying life of a government minister! ;)

    Love the fuchsia photo, despite the lack of success with bee photography :)

  2. I'll get those bees some day! Bumblebees are just so... implausible. I love them.

    The strangest thing about the telephone exchange (aside from the fact that it's only been there for 40 years) is that it serves a town of about 150 people. It's not a metropolis, or even near one!


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