Monday, 30 May 2011

BurdaStyle 'saggy boob' dress

It's not so bad. This is the 06-2010-109 dress which I started a few weeks back. Few others have dared to brave this style :-) You can see my review of it at Pattern Review here.

Now that I (finally!) finished it, I'm pretty happy. I will say, first up, that I haven't got the sizing right. It's kind of loose across the back, waist and sleeves - not unwearably so, but not the perfect fit either.

I've always been borderline BurdaStyle size 42-44 up top. In reality, I think I'm a 40 who needs a Full Bust Adjustment. My rib cage is really narrow, and the extra boob space in this dress has kind of highlighted that fact. My butt is still huge though :-/

Pinning this dress wasn't the easiest. The polyester 'dry knit' is a little slippery, but not terribly so. I don't have any other outfits in this fabric, so I was worried it would be sweaty - but thankfully it isn't!

I used the pretend overlocking stitch for the seams that didn't need to stretch later. One day I'll buy a side-cutter for my sewing machine (when I stop spending all my money on cameras!!).

I was unsure about how to stop the neck from bagging out. I think the BurdaStyle instructions wanted me to bind it. The directions were so unclear that I decided to try something else. I used clear plastic elastic, and sewed with the twin needle over the top. It doesn't add any bulk, which I try to avoid in the boob region! So far, so good - it hasn't stretched.

So I pinned the elastic all around the neck line before sewing. I didn't stretch it at all, because I didn't want the neck to get all bunched up and weird.

How did I avoid the saggy boobs which the pattern tries to ensure? I just made all the gathering come to the neckline point - which is much the same place as the full-bust line. So in my case, what could have been a terrible case of 'saggy boob' became handy extra space for my bust! Woohoo! That never happens normally - I have to either do a FBA, squish the boobs in, or make an ill-fitting, too-large top.

This fabric is 100 times more outrageous than anything else I own. Though I think that's the advantage of making my own stuff. I buy the fabric because it's pretty, then figure out what the heck I will do with it! A few of my colleagues noted (in a complimentary way) that they liked the colourful look, so maybe I've been dressing wrong all these grey-black-denim years!!


  1. It's nice! Definitely more exciting than all the black/grey/nude nonsense that's in the shops at the moment...

  2. Thanks! Yes, I'm pretty sick of neutrals. Also sick of shopping in New Zealand... New *York*, on the other hand... :-D

  3. Love the colors and print in this dress. You look great in it. So nice the fit worked out for you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll look forward to following along on your sewing adventures too!

  4. Thanks so much - I think the photo shows that this dress makes me happy! Especially when you consider that the photo was taken AFTER a long day at work :-)

    I really enjoy reading your blog, it's a great description of your sewing creativity and island life.

  5. Just catching up with blog posts.
    Nice dress. Love the colours and the style.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  6. Thanks Suzy! The holiday was great - and I even managed to come back with some more colourful clothes ;-)


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