Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Burda Style 06-2010-109 jersey dress (part 1)

One step at a time. Tonight is trace-the-pattern night. I'm too tired to do more without a strong possibility of stuffing it up! The next 'shift' will be to cut out the fabric. Which is some random polyester knit. In weird colours. I hope it doesn't make *me* look weird!

The dress pattern can be seen here at the BurdaStyle website... it's in German, but the pictures tell the story! It's dress 109, but I'm using the long sleeves from shirt 108.

And then presumably I'll be able to sew it up all in one go, because it doesn't have many pieces... I'm phobic about that. Any more than half a dozen different shaped pieces and I will run scared! I'll have to address that at some point :-)

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