Sunday, 3 April 2011

Quick chewy cinnamon sugar pretzels


Yes! You, too, can make these in well under an hour. I thought this recipe was kidding when it spoke of yeasty, yummy baked goods in a hurry, but no... also, apparently I am craving the staple foods of the Caulfield area. Bagels and fresh pretzels. Glicks, I miss you with all my heart.

Boiling baking soda water in the frypan

And seriously - no alterations to the recipe. Whoopee!
Rolling the dough takes a while - it's amazingly elastic

The website is pretty cool too - you can print the recipe with the nutritional information (if you're the sensible type who cares about such things).
Boil your pretzels. Please yourself what shape you make them...

They taste a bit like cinnamon sugar donuts, but are not deep-fried. So you can convince yourself that they are healthy (wink wink)!
Boiled, not yet baked.

Please give them a try. Though I will say, the fresher and hotter the better. Give them a quick microwave before you eat them.
Covered in cinnamon sugar. All pretence at 'health' is abandoned!


  1. oh yeah!!! gonna give them a go! YUM

  2. I look at them and equate them to about 4kg on the scales. When I win my trip to hawaii I might give them a go.

  3. Jasmine - do it! They are so easy!

    Meegs - don't be depressing/boring about food. It's not allowed on my blog ;-)
    On the plus side, the serving sizes are pretty small. And there isn't any added fat. So you'd have to eat a lot of them to add 4kg.

  4. Meegs - I interpreted that as a pretzel that weighs 4KG. A 4KG pretzel = awesome!! ;)

    They look pretty good. Although I'm not a huge pretzel person. I've not had fresh cinnamon sugar ones though, so I'm sure they're vastly different to the salty little packet ones!

  5. Hahaha it would take a lot of people to get through a 4kg pretzel! It makes me think of a quote from The Simpsons: "This ├ęclair is over one million calories. Twenty-five pounds of butter per square inch. Covered with chocolate so dark that light cannot escape its surface."

    And yep, comparing it to packaged pretzels is like comparing... potato crips and spicy wedges. Same vegetable, incomparable taste.


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