Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hot Patterns 1093 pyjamas: Part Two

So I finally finished the pyjama top this weekend. It's been 'almost finished' all week, but the general malaise at the end of the working day is NOT conducive to good sewing.

Sorry. Autumn + Auckland + midday sun = inevitably overexposed photos

In general, I'm happy. It fits, and it's comfortable. I think it's kind of cute, too. It *is* very low at the front, as other reviewers have noted, so I guess it's up to the wearer what they are happy with. Of course, being a nightgown, it's not as though the public will generally be viewing it! My review of the pattern can be found here.

To sum up, I've made some quick notes.

Good things about this pattern:
  • It's cute!
  • Easy to put together, even if you are a beginner like me (or near enough);
  • Simple to 'make it your own' by adding little embellishments, cute ruffles, etc. I started making a ruffle for mine, but then remembered that I'm not really a ruffly person;
  • The pattern is good value - the envelope has sizes 6-26, and they appear to be based on normal-person sizes (as opposed to whatever planet the Vogue sizes come from);
  • It is made from non-stretch fabric. Nothing against stretch fabrics, but there aren't very many to choose from in New Zealand. It's much easier to find a pretty woven;
  • It's comfortable to wear, thanks to the french seams, cotton fabric, elastic, and ease;
  • It's longer than I thought. The wee shorts I made previously are not really needed for the sake of modesty.

Aha! I've found a use for my new sewing machine's embroidery capabilities!

Less good things:
  • The instructions. I didn't really need them (it's pretty simple), but if I *had* needed them I wouldn't have found them very helpful;
  • The fabric information. I just don't think the quantities are correct, at least not for the size I cut. My experience is that you need close to 2 metres for the baby-doll, not 1.15m. Huge difference. I'd suggest cutting out your pattern pieces *before* buying the fabric, to check the layout;
  • Even after I added extra room for the bust, the front is still shorter than the back. I think this is because I guessed the amount of extra space, but then I actually measured where to put the elastic casing on my own body. Because it's easy to measure casing on the half-finished top, but not so simple to estimate extra boob space. Sigh. Seeing as it's a nightie, and a first attempt at a pattern I will probably use again, I'll chalk it up to learning; and
  • Weird gaping side-boobs. See how in the photo below, there are little 'wings' pointing out of the boobs? Yeah, it kind of does that when I'm wearing it too. I'm not sure how to solve this problem - I think it may be related to the fact that this whole set is cut probably a size bigger than it needed to be.
Boob wings!

If you are looking for a cute nightie/robe pattern, I'd recommend this. Beginners could definitely make this work too, which is a bonus.


  1. could you put some discrete darts under the arms to minimise boob wings?

  2. Maybe. I might try it, though I have a mental block about going back to work on things I've 'finished'!

    Lucky these ones only used cheap material - there would be well under $10 worth. I will play around with the pattern before I make them again.


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