Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Toy planes in Tokoroa

Tokoroa is not exactly... cosmopolitan. In fact, if you've ever looked at People of Walmart, try to imagine a whole (small) town like that. Wikipedia describes the town highlights as including Talking Poles and a hospital. This article states that  "pastimes in this area are decidedly rustic". The RSA appeared to be the only non-takeaway open for dinner on a Saturday night. That does not mean that I recommend eating there...

So obviously, it was the perfect destination for an autumnal weekend away. We managed to fit in a visit with Chris's mum on the way - and are now the proud owners of an heirloom couch. Currently covered in tiger print fabric!

Then we drove over the Kaimai Ranges to Tokoroa for a Sunday of toy aeroplane 'fun'. Note that the owners of said aeroplanes prefer to call them "models" as opposed to "toys". I prefer to call it like I see it, ahahahaha!

Some of the highlights:
Many small planes to observe.

Many old men. And Chris. All enjoying themselves!

Little red and white planes.
Other planes.
Upside down helicopters.

Upside down AND near the ground!


  1. Clearly, you need to buy Chris a terry towelling hat... ;) Sounds like a fun (?) weekend!

  2. A terry towelling hat - perfect! I think all the 'coolest' old dudes pin lots of badges on them, too.

    Meh, it was an okay weekend. At least we got out of town and got some fresh air! The aeroplane guys (and girls) are all really nice, and there was at least one other uninterested girlfriend to chat to :-)


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