Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hot Patterns 1093 pyjamas: Part One

It is taking me AGES to finish these pyjamas. I desperately wanted some that fit properly up top, so of course the solution is to make my own. And for some reason I started by making the bottoms. Der...

Bottoms: done

The pattern is from Hot Patterns - an independent company from Florida. They have a reputation for making patterns that are actually similar in size to ready-to-wear. Any medium sized woman who has found herself sewing a Vogue size 18 will tell you that this is a good thing indeed! It took a couple of weeks for the pattern to arrive in the mail.

Then it took me a few days to get around to opening it to trace off my size. As I found out after sewing the panties, I really could have traced a size smaller. Although roomy pyjama bottoms are comfortable.

But I digress. The patterns are printed on normal 80gsm paper. It means they are a little bulkier, but don't tend to fall apart like other commercial patterns (I really hate that crappy tissue paper, and trying to stuff it back in the envelope is a nightmare). The decent paper made it so much easier to trace on my lounge room floor!
Secret weapon

After tracing, it was time for the inevitable washing and ironing of my cheap cotton. My $18 iron is my secret sewing weapon. Everything looks so much better when I take time to iron it after each step.
Made-up crotch and zig-zagged hems

Actually putting the shorts together wasn't too bad. I had no idea how to do the crotch, and didn't find that the pattern was much help. In fact, the instructions are probably the least good part of this pattern. The instructions for the elastic waist helped, though.
Comfy waist

I didn't sew french seams on these, though I will on my 'good copy'. I just turned the hem up once, ironed, and sewed a zig-zag. These really were just a rough attempt on about $1.50 worth of fabric. I'll still wear them, but they aren't a showpiece by any means. Also, the supposed 'half-yard' of fabric for the panties - not even close. Unless maybe your fabric is 2m wide, or your butt is 30cm wide...
No french seams

Next, I'll make the baby-doll top (with a ruffle!). I can already tell the pattern will need altering, or else I'll have four-boob! Oh well, that was the reason I bought this pattern - hopefully it's not too hard to modify.


  1. Hurrahs to PJs that will actually fit when they're done!

  2. Yes! When I work up the energy to sew the important half...

  3. I hope the top won't twist when you roll over in bed. I had a babydoll PJ top that did that, and instead of just twisting normally like a singlet, it would tie me up under my arms.

    Cute shorts!


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