Sunday, 27 February 2011

DIY undies - so simple.

You, too, can have free undies!
So, I've noticed a few things about undies:

They can be kinda expensive.
Man-made fibres are gross.
As soon as you find a style that fits, they discontinue it.

I decided to try making a pair from a cotton singlet that's seen better days. I bought 1.5m of lingerie elastic from Geoff's Emporium... I ended up with a little left over, and it only cost $0.45 anyway.

But how to make them? I didn't have a pattern, and even if I did that would be no guarantee of a good fit. So I sacrificed a pair of undies that fit and are a shape that I like. I chopped them into their component pieces, and cut the singlet around them.
Sacrificial undies. With a googly-eyed pineapple.
Incidentally, have a look at the undies in your drawer. I bet they are all constructed differently - lace sewed on the inside, the outside, elastic folded over the top, elastic on the legs, no elastic on the legs... I took that to mean that the 'correct' way to construct undies is however you like!!

I sewed on the gusset piece first, when I joined the front and back. The gusset attaches to the 'front bottom' part of the knickers. As I'd cut these from a tight-fitting singlet, I didn't need to sew any side seams.
Saved myself about 5cm of sewing right there!
Then it was as simple as gently stretching and sewing a piece of elastic around each leg hole. You can never use too many pins. Make sure to use a zig-zag stitch, and stretch the fabric a little bit while you sew it. Then do the same to attach the elastic to the waist band.
Ready for sewing. Note the gusset pinned inside.
Voila! Almost-free undies - recycled, soft fabric, and you can make them whatever colour or style you like. I'm going to experiment with some other shapes and styles soon.
Soft and comfy.
As I still had the top part of the singlet left over, I decided to make a crop top. I just sewed a firm piece of elastic around the bottom - it is *just* long enough to stretch over my boobs (so that it is tight enough to actually hold them up!). I used a tiny bit of elastic left over from the undies to make a coordinating bow.
Heh. I don't think I've had a crop top like this since I was 11.


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