Sunday, 30 January 2011

Burda Style 06-2010-103 - spangly vest!

I love shiny. Of course, *wearing* shiny can make one look like a clown. Oh well.

Check out the review of this pattern here.

A few hints - this loosely woven jersey with 'sequin' dots glued on... is a MASSIVE pain to sew. It's flimsy, and the needle gets all confused between sewing over shiny and hard and then stretchy and soft.

I have no idea where you would get the chiffon bias tape the pattern requests, and I'm not ambitious enough to make my own. So, I improvised with regular cotton bias tape. Buy at least the 5m the pattern asks for. Spend a ridiculous amount of time folding, shaping and pinning the tape around the garment. It makes it so much easier to sew without accidentally stretching out the edge of the fabric.

That said, it's a cute shape, uses less than a metre of material, and could be made in any soft, drapey fabric. I'm thinking silk, light velvet, slinky knits... I may even make this more than once.

It looks pretty good on Kat 2.0, which is saying something - she has no neck or arms!!

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