Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I found these flowers hiding in my garden. I didn't plant them, but I'm pleased that they are there! Purple is one of my favourite colours.
Is this an orchid? I don't know much about flowers. These are so perfect that it's hard to imagine that they grew of their own accord. I love the furry texture in the centre.
And these tiny little violas are just so cute! I'll let them run wild, and if there are enough I'd like to try making sugared flowers - imagine these on top of a cupcake...

Lovely that I have a colour-coordinated garden through no effort of my own.


  1. They look kind of like irises to me. One of my favourite tricks is planting bulbs in mum's garden to surprise her because there's no real evidence until BAM! It flowers!

    ~* Ness

  2. Oh, an iris! Yes, that's it. Clearly I wasn't joking when I said I had no idea, lol.

    That's a pretty good trick! I'd be happy if someone did that here :-)


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